Frequently Asked Question ?

What is this site essence? is the Pet Search Engine! We proud to bring all pets for sale and adoption to be available in one place for quick search.

Do I have to qualify to be able to purchase one of your pets?

No, we do not believe we should qualify anybody when buying pets from us! One of our customers said it right: “They’re great dogs but we don’t need anyone qualifying us as to whether or not we deserve the right to buy one of their pets.” It is our intention to place our puppies in good homes. However we certainly reserve the right not to sell if we believe it is in the best interests of the pets.

Do your pets receive any vaccinations?

All our pets receive the vaccinations necessary for their age, and any additional vaccinations that are required to meet your countries import regulations.

Do you offer any Health Guarantee?

Yes we offer a Lifetime Health Guarantee, which is included in the price of the pets. This is how confident we are that our pets come from a genetically sound background.

What is included in the price of the dog?

The price of the pets is inclusive of everything that ensures it comes to you happy and healthy. This includes the airline approved crate, veterinary costs before arrival, veterinary certificate, vaccinations and dawnworming. The cost of delivery is not included.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do. We are privileged to have many returning customers, and we are happy to reward the trust they place in us. Therefor we offer a 20% discount on the 1st pet purchased as well as every subsequent pet.

When do I pay for the pet?

You do not have to pay the total amount all at once as long as the total price is paid prior shipping. Payments can be made at your convenience as long as…

  • The minimum amount to reserve your puppy is $400.
  • The price of the pet, not including shipping, must be paid in full at 12 weeks of age.
  • The total price is due 12 days before the planned date of arrival.

How long before I get my pet?

We ship our puppies at the earliest possible moment, but never before 10 weeks. Each country has their own import regulations, with differing minimum age restrictions.minimum number of days for shipping is 2days and maximum is 6days,

Can I register my pet with my kennel club?

Yes! Our dogs are registered with an FCI affiliate kennel club (MEOE, SKJ, CMKU, JKS, etc.). This guarantees that you can transfer the registration to any FCI affiliate kennel club or one that is recognized by the FCI. If you intend to transfer then you can request an Export Pedigree from us ($85). This will allow your dog to have full breeding/showing rights.