Name African Grey (Psittacus erithacus erithacus (Congo)) (Psittacus erithacus timneh (Timneh))
Origin Africa
Size Congos: 12-14″, 400-650 grams; Timnehs: 11-13″, 275-400 grams
Color Differences Congo greys are silver or light grey with bright red tail feathers and black beaks while timnehs are smaller and a dark charcoal color with maroonish tail feathers and a reddish cast to their beaks.
Owner African Greys require an experienced owner.
Lifespan An average of 50 years
Noise African Greys are relatively quiet–they are not known to scream. For this reason, they are fine to keep in an apartment.
Qualities Great talkers, can imitate voices and sounds, very intelligent, highly tuned in to owners’ moods, known to be able to use speech in context, can be high strung and nervous (so you may need to be careful when introducing new toys or surroundings), not great for a household with young children (older children ok), tend to be a one-person bird unless well socialized, need an owner that is gentle, patient, and attuned to their needs, males can be more aggressive than females, can become feather pluckers out of boredom.
Abilities Excellent – Known for their talking abilities. African Greys are capable of learning a large vocabulary (some as much as 1,500 words!) as well as speaking in different voices and some use words in context.
Interaction/Time Requirements African Greys need daily interaction as well as socialization with other people (or they may become a one-person bird).
Diet They need a diet for large birds.


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