buy Small Parakeets parrots


180-500 depending on species

Name Depends on species
Origin Depends on species
Size 7-23″, depending on species
Owner Good for first-time bird owners.
Average Cost $10-500, depending on species
Lifespan 8-40 years, depending on species
Noise Some species are good for apartment living while others are noisy enough to require living in a house.
Abilities There is a wide range in talking ability between the species. Male Budgies are great talkers, while a talking Rosella is rare. So, the abilities depend on the species.
Diet Small species need a diet for small birds and large species need a diet for medium birds.
Supplies Needed Small species need supplies for small birds and large species need supplies for medium birds. It’s also important to keep in mind that depending on the species, many of the larger species should be kept in an aviary so they are able to fly freely.


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